What is a membership?

Think of membership as support for your club and each of its members including gymnasts, coaches, and our judges. This ensures that your club can operate in Alberta having access to courses, clinics and information that will help you deliver quality programs to your membership.

With over 75 member clubs in Alberta, Alberta Gymnastics Federation is a leader in assisting our member clubs achieve excellence.

Review the Membership information for more important information.

Click to download the 2017-18 Membership Information Booklet.

Click to download the Club Registration DEADLINES.

Need Help Registering? Watch the AGF Registration Webinar (Recorded Feb. 14, 2018)
This webinar covers:
- Reasons for AGF registration
- Registration types
- Form locations
- Detailed instructions on how to register
- Information regarding privacy and notification of risk

Have a question about the Notification of Risk or PIPA forms?
Here are answers to our most frequently asked questions: FAQ - Notification of Risk and PIPA

Got hundreds of Notification of Risk and PIPA forms piling up and using up space?
Document Genius is a file storage system solution that eliminates the need for storing hard copies of documents and comes at no cost to AGF members. It is web-based and doesn't require any software to be installed, making it accessible from any browser. Forms can be scanned and emailed to Document Genius directly where they are then stored on a cloud service in their original format and become viewable in HTML. Forms that have been completed electronically can also be searched by key word using optical character recognition. No more boxes of forms on your desk! 
View webinar recording of how to use Document Genius

Please Click below links to register

Registration Information

Registration Categories 2017-18

Registration Instructions 2017-18

Club and Member Registration Forms (MUST COMPLETE)

Club and Member Registration Form - Click to submit Club and total participant registration numbers

AGF Upgrading Registration Form - Click to submit Club and total upgraded participant registration numbers

Coach and Athlete Registration Forms (MUST COMPLETE)

2017-18 Registration Template

Drop in and Birthday Party Information

Drop in, Birthday Party Registration Form

Memo: AGF Insurance Rates for Drop-In/Birthday Parties

Notification and Assumption of Risk Information

Memo: Notificationand Assumption of Risk, Consent to First Aid Treatment, and Release of Liability and Waiver of Claims (Nov. 15, 2016)

Memo: Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) (Nov. 3, 2016)

Notification and Assumption of Risk, Consent to First Aid Treatment, and Release of Liability & Waiver of Claims Form (Aug. 15, 2017)

2018 - 2019 Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) Form


In addition to ongoing support and communication through many available channels, AGF is committed to providing you with all you will need to run successful and enjoyable gymnastics programs across Alberta.

Here is a list of the perks we will provide to clubs as members:

Services and Resources:

  • Club management tools
  • Regulation of coaching standards
  • Comprehensive insurance package
  • Comprehensive coach & volunteer screening
  • Sport & club promotion
  • Respect in Sport certification
  • Grants, funding support letters & funding through partnering organizations
  • Input into operation & policy development
  • ActiveNet on-line registration

Events and Activities:

  • Courses
  • Recreation celebrations
  • Conferences & seminars

Communication Archive

Communications Archive