AGF Membership Insurance Update

Please note that in conjunction with Toole Peet, AGF has been able to further develop and expand our insurance coverage.  Below is an overview of the changes/additions that have occurred to date.  Please contact the AGF office should you require additional information or possess further questions.

Preschool operations:

Toole Peete has negotiated with All Sport to offer coverage to any gym club that is involved in preschool operations.  Clubs will complete a preschool questionnaire and submit it to Toole Peet.  The risk will be underwritten and rated accordingly depending on the exposure.

High Competitive Urban Gymnastics (Parkour) and Cheerleading

All activities can now be covered (programs that are outside the scope of what is currently being covered).  The process for this coverage is the same as the preschools.  Application is to be completed and the risk will be underwritten accordingly.

Tiered Birthday Parties and Drop-In Rates

As discussed at the 2013 AGF AGM clubs were interested in AGF developing a ‘tiered’ pricing scale to assist with administration.  This is proving to be a difficult exposure to rate.  The company is currently working on a rating matrix for this exposure but it has not been finalized.  Additional information will be circulated as soon as it becomes available.

One of the key factors included in all discussions was obtaining one liability carrier for all the liability policies on a risk.  The reason why this is important is to reduce or eliminate any conflict between companies if a claim were to arise.  For example if a claim were to arise from preschool operations and the liability was placed with a different company than the master liability company the companies could get into a lengthy dispute in regards to what policy should respond.

If you are interested in obtaining the program questionnaire please contact Adam Thomson (

Adam Thomson
Account Executive / Toole Peet & Co. Limited
Calgary, Alberta
403.209.5447 Tel
1.888.838.6653 Toll Free