Alberta T & T athletes compete in Portugal

Nine athletes and four coaches representing three clubs from Alberta are currently in Portugal competing at the 8th Annual Loule Cup. The event is an international event for the younger athletes and also an FIG sanctioned World Cup for the Seniors. Good luck to Keegan Soehn, Lexi Geisbrecht, Corissa Boychuk, Mark Armstrong, Caitlin Brown, Beatrice Prcic, Hailey Macaig, Brody Atkin and Sydney Jeter.

Click here the event Facebook page.

Click here for the live stream.


Team Canada:
Cori DMT Loulé Cup Open
Lexi DMT and TRI (but as a Jr) Loulé Cup Open Keegan DMT Loulé Cup Open and TRI World Cup Senior‎ Brett and I coaching.

Airdrie Edge:
Mark DMT and TRI Loulé Cup Open
Caitlin DMT and TRI Loulé Cup Open
Bea DMT and TRI Loulé Cup Open
Hazel DMT and TRI Loulé Cup Open
Brody DMT and TRI Loulé Cup Junior
Sydney DMT Loulé Cup 13-14 AG and TUM Loulé Cup Jr Janelle and Mary McPhalen

Ryan Sheehan DMT Loulé Cup Open
Trish coaching‎