The 2017 T & T Provincials is an amazing success

This year’s Provincials was held in Calgary at the Genesis Centre from May 12 through May 14.  With lots of energy and smiles, 255 athletes from 11 clubs in Alberta competed over the weekend.

Thanks to all the athletes, coaches and judges for their dedication and hard work leading into and during Provincials.  We cannot forget to thank all the family and friends for their continued support.  A big thank you to the ATTSA and their volunteers who, as always, make the Provincials weekend a huge success.

Congratulations to the following athletes who were selected to represent Team Alberta at the 2017 Western Canada Cup in Port Moody, BC June 2 to June 4 and to those who made Team Alberta to the 2017 Canadian Championships in Oshawa, ON July 12 to July 16.  Good luck to all!

Alberta Team to Western Canada Cup

Paige Tiegs Exelta
Brenyn Chapman Thunder
Sophie Nossack Thunder
Kariya Lepko Xfinity
Rylan Bond GP
Jeremy Meyer CGC
Katie Kotkas CGC
Lindsey Beckett CGC
Celia Probe CGC


Alberta Team to Canadian Championships

Camille Rigazzio CGC
Curtis Gerein CGC
Josh Wishlow CGC
Roman Carlson CGC
Zoe Phaneuf CGC
Jordana Johnston CGC
Alex Boucher CGC
Arden Oh CGC
Elias Clarke CGC
Casey Ryane CGC
Kiana Mackay CGC
Abby McCaig CGC
Mitchel Pedersen CGC
Brittney Jewan CGC
Antonio Fernandes CGC
Mckayla Dalgetty CGC
Sam Ibach CGC
Jason Bell CGC
Ashley Gillespie Edge
Hailey Macaig Edge
Rebecca Will Edge
Mark Armstrong Edge
Caitlin Brown Edge
Beatrice Prcic Edge
Reuben Neufeld Edge
Shayna Casey Edge
Ethan Dextrase GP
Jocelyn McConnell GP
Rylan Bond GP
Ben Davison GP
Ryker Sargeant GP
Alexandra Forest Phoenix
Craig Theodore Phoenix
Emma Payne Phoenix
Kendra Korbut Phoenix
Bastien Cremer Phoenix
Loic Cremer Phoenix
Nolan Zurek Phoenix
Marek Osedowski Phoenix
Ryan Sheehan Phoenix
Zarha Idriss Phoenix
Allison Young Phoenix
Adam Stannard Phoenix
Nick Merkel Phoenix
Ryan Edlund Phoenix
Kaitlyn Viteychuk Phoenix
Mackenzie Kyfiuk Phoenix
Simon Neufeld Phoenix
Ashton Henfrey Thunder
Kyle Soehn Thunder
Keegan Soehn Thunder
Alexandra Potter Thunder
Zach Blakely Thunder
Kalena Soehn Thunder
Spencer Kooman Thunder
Jesse Starchuk Thunder
Evan Edwards Airborne
Katelyn Matchim Airborne
Shelynn Dohan Airborne
Ryley Anderson Airborne
Abby Thompson Airborne
Skyler Bartisch Airborne
Zaden Rabie Airborne
Charlie Hodges Airborne
Savannah Chanminaraj Exelta
Artur Troyan Exelta
Carter Pisko Exelta
Loami Rautenbach Exelta
Karys Zirk Exelta
Sara Moore Ortona
Elijah Carr Ortona
Kailyn Arndt Ortona
Carys Mayorchak Ortona
Callum Sundquist Ortona

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